“MemWar. Memorie e oblii delle guerre e dei traumi del XX secolo” is a research project of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures of Genoa, which aims at analyzing the representations of the memory of the European wars of the 20th century through the mapping of textual (from media, tourist guides and artistic or literary texts) and transmedial re-elaborations of contemporary memory. This mapping will lead to developing tools for formal and informal education for schools and, more generally, for the general public.


Scientific Director: Anna Giaufret

members of research group: Elisa Bricco, Alessia Cassani, Roberto Francavilla, Marie Gaboriaud, Simona Leonardi, Michele Porciello, Laura Quercioli, Marco Succio, Stefano Vicari

Doctoral Student: Luca Ciotoli


Past event: MemWar International Conference 9-12 December 2020

Upcoming event: MemWar International Conference II 2-3 December 2021


Photo Credits: ASBL Tank Museum, Parc du Cinquantenaire 3 – 1000 Bruxelles