Archivi vivi -  Theatre workshop

Theatrical interpretation as a means of reworking and coming into direct contact with words and stories of a 'distant' memory that still has a very high potential for dialogue with us and our time. In order to become living archives of unforgotten words, facts and thoughts.

Supervised by: Raffaella Tagliabue and Elena Dragonetti, actresses, directors, founders of Narramondo Teatro

Selected texts:

Guide turistiche francesi della memoria (Michelin, Routard, Petit Fûté)

Bozena Keff, Madre Patria, 2011

Henryk Grynberg, La guerra degli ebrei, 1992

Henryk Grynberg, La vittoria, 2013

Dulce Chacon, Le ragazze di Ventas, 2005

Por la vida (spettacolo di E. Dragonetti e R. Tagliabue)

Carlos Fonseca, Las trece rosas rojas, 2005 - lettere,1939, Il Manifesto, 2019

Javier Cercas, Soldados de Salamina, 2001

Memory is transmitted above all through testimonies, recollections, the ability or inability to rework one's own experience. The material on which we have decided to work is composed both of real testimonies as well as literary or theatrical rewritings that maintain a direct link between event and memory. That keep alive the echo of traumas but that carry at the same time within them the will and the hope that those pages of darkness will not be lost in oblivion.